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5 reasons why you have to wear a watch!

Now days many of you might heard people say they don’t need a watch because they have a phone
Because its chicer and more updated for the ladies to check the time from their i-pad or i-phone instead of moving and watching their wrists.

This is a totally wrong.

LADIES ALERT, Be as feminine as possible!

First of all, ladies can be more feminine and attractive while moving their hands showing of their accessories, bling blinging their bracelets and giving a straighter glance to someone who ask for the time.

Another reason is that a very nice watch, significantly enhance your appearance, it can be matched to your outfit and it can upgrade your total style.

11X05-00667 Oxette Elite Watch
11X03-00629 Oxette Elite Watch

For the Gentlemen,

Watches used as a reflection of style or even as a statement!

Watches considered to be the only real piece of jewelry that men can wear without risking coming off as feminine, despite the fact there is a strong coming up in men’s jewelry such as the stackable bracelets, watches are an extension of power and masculinity. In other words, with a watch, you can express yourself without saying a single word.

That’s quite powerful right??

Another good reason I have for you, watches offer simplicity!
It offers you simplicity by eliminating the problem of making useless moves to fish a phone from a bag or pocket.

Last and most important, watches are reliable they will not run out of battery for at least a year and longer, while most modern smartphones can’t even last a day’s usage. So, no reason of worrying or risking at all.

Watches can organize your day!

For many people, wearing a watch can have a positive effect on how time is spent, as it reminds you that you only have 24 hours in a day.
Time is limited, and watches work as a reminder of this.

In terms of respect for both, ladies or gentlemen??

Yes, it’s absolutely more stylish and classier as mention above, if someone asks you the time, look at your wrist…., than take up your phone from a pocket.
There’s still a certain charm and elegance to checking the time on a wristwatch.
Now days watches are affordable, it’s very easy to purchase more than one and combine it to any occasion.

It’s Time to reconsider Time wear it’s time to refresh your style!

11X75-00263 Oxette Rio Watch
11X75-00262 Oxette Rio Watch
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